December 9, 2019

92 - Golden Curls

This is the episode of the podcast where I talked to Golden Curls. Courtney was there. Dylan was there. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. 

Here's their facebook ----->

You can just call me @mattfbasler everywhere

December 3, 2019

91 - Record Club 1

A while back, me n' the boyz started Record Club. 

It's this thing where one of us picks a record each week, and then everyone else makes them feel bad about the record the chose. Or something like that.

But it's fun and cool and everyone should do it. 

This whole episode is just me n' the boyz talkin records. 

November 25, 2019

90 - Thames (Again)

I know what you're thinking, didn't you just have these guys on your podcast? Can't we PLEASE get back to the anime focused content we love?!?! 

Well, yes, I DID just have these guys on my podcast. But also, no, I didn't have these guys on my podcast. The last time a scrap of Thames bothered to show up, it caused a lot of drama in the St. Louis Podcast community. Everyone from me to Rock Paper Podcast was involved. Wow! This time, the rest of Thames came by to do the right thing and break up the band.

Their new album is out! 

Here they are on Facebook ---->

You can just yell @mattfbasler and I'll show up.

November 18, 2019

89 - Bounce House

In this episode, everyone has good important things to say. We talk about Bounce House and we talk to Bounce House and Bounce House talks to us. I think that's also just sort of a universal truth about life and living. 

Here's their facebook --->

You can call me @mattfbasler every dang place.

November 8, 2019

88 - Joe Bizelli, Drew Lance

In this episode,  I'm trying to work through a lot of things and feelings and Joe and Drew were nice enough to try and help. I appreciate them, and will never turn on them.

Here's Joe's Facebook page --->

Here's Drew's ---->

I'm @mattfbasler everywhere

October 3, 2019

87 - Thames (FOR REAL)

Lol, I uploaded the wrong file earlier. Lol. Whoops. AND I OOP (like the meme). Lol. Here's the real one (I hope).

What I learned from Thames is that a rose by any other pronounciation would still sound pretty cool. These guys are a five piece rock band, but only two of them bothered to show up.  To be fair, only one of me showed up, so they doubled what I managed. 

Anway, nice fellas!

Here is there facebook page --->

I'm @mattfbasler EVERY dang place!

September 12, 2019

86 - Jesus Christ Supercar

I meet a lot of people doing this podcast, and sometimes,  I meet three at a time. This time, I met three at a time. They were collectively known as Jesus Christ Supercar and weren't as mean as you might think they'd be. 

Here's their facebook ---->

I'm mattfbasler every dang place please find me and send me nice messages.

September 6, 2019

85 - Drangus

Drangus is a studio project that actually plays plenty of live shows so I either don't know what studio project means or they are tricking me bad.

NICE FELLAS THOUGH! They told me about what keyboards are and Courtney was here and it was all in all a wonderful evening I'll never forget.

This is their facebook page ---->

You can find me EVERYWHEREREERE at @mattfbasler 

August 30, 2019

84 - Making a Good Podcast

Sometimes even the thinks you love and think are good are actually bad and need to be fixed. So  this time on the podcast we're trying some different formats to see how they go. So glad Courtney and Dylan could be here and I can't wait to reveal which one will be my permanent co-host.

Find me everywhere @mattfbasler! 

August 9, 2019

83 - Lern

If the kerning on Lern's name is to close together, it can sometimes look like Lem. That's something I learned while typing this. In this episodes of my podcast you might learn somethings about Lern. She is on KSHE all the dang time and now she even has her own podcast. 



Please send me cool pictures of cranes (mechanical or bird)

July 19, 2019

82 - Jonathan Venegoni

Live, Laugh, Love. Notice what's in the middle there? That's right. It's laugh. Jonathan Venegoni is a PROFESSIONAL laugh. From stand up to forcing his scripted show into an improv theater, Jonathan knows no limits when it comes to just cracking everything up. I forget what we talked about.

Please email me --->

July 12, 2019

81 - Subtropolis

The thing about two piece bands is that it's easy to schedule podcasts with them.  The fellas in Subtropolis are nice and I'm glad they talked to me. Dylan was here, too. He really impressed me this episode. Could he be the one true co-host? Who knows.

This is Subtropolis' Facebook page --->

This is mine ---> 

June 27, 2019

80 - Little Cowboy

If you like music, then you're in luck because Little Cowboy is a music band. Collin and Ian talked to me. Also, Courtney talked to them. And sometimes, me and Courtney talked to each other. 

I think Little Cowboy is a band you would like if you like bands. Worth a shot I guess.

Here is their facebook page ---->

Here is mine ----? 

June 21, 2019

79 - Sister Wizzard

This is the time Sister Wizzard let me talk to her and we got a little closer to figuring out who will forever be my co-host. 

Sister Wizzard is a music artist who makes art with music. I think we are playing a show together soon, but she doesn't sound so sure.

Here is her facebook ---->

Here is mine ---->

Wow! I'm so happy for Shane and his podcast! So cool! He just won an award for BEST podcast! I wasn't nominated for an award and that's ok! I think Shane deserves it and obviously I don't. So wonderful that my peers are doing so well! 

Rock Paper Podcast has TWO big anniversaries coming up and probably a lot more awards to win! GOOD FOR THEM! WOW SO COOL!

Here's Rock Paper Podcast's Facebook page:

Here's mine:

Byrd and Barrel is a chicken place where Bob Brazell was born and lives to this day. He invented chicken and continues to perfect its flavor, and come up with new and exciting applications for meat. He was nice to me, and for that I am thankful.

Here's the Byrd and Barrel wesbite ->

Here's my facebook ->

April 26, 2019

76 - Alexis Govreau

Alexis is a funny person but she never writes any of it down. She just improvises a funny thing right out of thin air. This is actually the first episode of the podcast that wasn't written before hand. Neat!

She's always doing stuff at the Improv Shop. Go see her do that sometime.


April 14, 2019


I am going to be completely honest here and admit that I forgot to publish this episode. Like, I uploaded it and set it to draft, then forgot to fully publish it. HAHA! WHOOPS!

Here it is though. I'm just trying to figure out this co-host stuff. It's hard.

March 29, 2019

74 - Desire Lines

Desire Lines is a band from St. Louis that really knows how to talk on microphones. Sometimes they use thing for singing or making instruments louder, too. They are really a band that has a true and wonderful grasp on how microphones work. Very cool!

Here's is their facebook page --->

Here's mine --->

March 19, 2019

73 - MotherFather

These MotherFather guys are a-ok in my book. But if they ever do any terrible crimes later, I will release an updated version of my book so don't worry.

MotherFather is an instrumental band. Which I guess is a thing you could say about literally every band. Except maybe a Capella bands. But here's the thing, these guys are no capella at all. Not even a one. 

Here's their facebook --->

Here's mine --->

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